"The best system for clinic management”

Medix is the optimal choice for clinic management

Medix provides software for clinic management, patient management, and staff management.

Deploying cutting-edge tech

Medix optimizes clinic operations with cutting-edge tech, offering EHR management, appointment scheduling, inventory control, and automated patient communication.

24/7 Technical Support

Everything operates automatically through a single screen and via the internet. The technical support team creates a dedicated file for each patient for easy access in case of any issue, ensuring patients' needs.

Security System

A comprehensive security system that sends alerts in case of any security breaches, protecting patient information stored in patient files, creating backups of these files, and generating reports.

Secure Data Protection

Access from Anywhere

Unlimited User Capacity

Unlimited User Capacity

Medix serves as a central point of connection, seamlessly linking all staff and departments together to enhance accessibility, communication, and collaboration. It is a cloud-based solution, allowing clinics to be managed from anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, it facilitates linking all clinic branches and specialties without additional fees. Medix includes an unlimited number of branches, specialties, and users.

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There is a screen through which all reservations in the clinic branches are monitored.

Patients can rate their experience using a screen provided in the clinic.
There are multiple ways to pay bills, including cash, e-wallets, and credit cards. An e-wallet system is also provided, with one e-wallet available for each traveler.
Customer Reviews

What are people saying about Medix?

One of the best features of the Medix clinic management system is the addition of a dedicated file for each client.

Tamer Arafat

After using the system, especially the booking feature, we were able to track the status of reservations, whether confirmed or canceled.

Jacob Zacharias

With Medix, we were able to record all revenues and expenses for each branch of the clinic. and export reports

Nancy Samir

Due to the Medix system, we were able to fully manage the clinics, including bookings, accounts, and other features.

Samira Yahya
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